PAWS Advanced Imaging/Mobile PAWS

** Partner for Animal WellnesS **

Mobile PAWS, PLLC and subsidiary PAWS Advanced Imaging provide advanced imaging services for veterinary patients including High Definition Computed Tomography (CT) and fluoroscopy using a Vimago scanner made by Epica Medical Innovations.



The above image shows imaging from a skull/head – the 3 views to the left are traditional views, while the larger image is a 3-Dimensional rendering of the information

PAWS Advanced Imaging works in collaboration with the Greater Buffalo Veterinary Emergency Clinic (VEC) located at 4821 Genesee Street, Cheektowaga.  As a result, the imaging opportunities include routine referral appointments, but are also available for emergencies on an as needed basis.

Please note that routine appointments are made directly through PAWS Advanced Imaging while emergency patients are managed directly through the VEC.  Emergency patients may be transferred directly from another facility, scanned, and sent back after anesthetic recovery while awaiting the results!

All billing is done directly through the VEC.  All major credit and debit cards, Care Credit, and of course cash are accepted payments.

ALL patients are guided back to their referring veterinarian for continued care and are provided with a copy of the scan and radiology report for the primary veterinarian to review.


How does this benefit veterinary clinics?


This image shows a 3D rendering of a pelvis and hind legs with multiple fractures

** Allows a local opportunity for advanced diagnostic imaging for your clients/patients

** 3-D visualization can allow better surgical planning and post-op review.

**  Provides local access to state of the art technology, without having to make any financial investments or long term commitments.




How does this benefit clients?


The above image is a cross section of a chest cavity highlighting the vasculature

** 3-D visualization can allow a more thorough understanding of how a disease process is affecting your pet. Better understanding = better comfort in following your veterinarian’s recommendations!

** This procedure is covered by most pet insurances.

** With this service now local, you can save time and money from having to travel long distances for advanced diagnostic imaging.