The Pet Emergency Fund (PEF) was organized by the Niagara Frontier Veterinary Society in 1999  to help provide a safety net of dollars for pet owners who cannot afford the full burden of their pet’s emergency medical care.  Recipients are asked to voluntarily sign a “Pay it Forward” sheet also to help others down the road when they are able to!

Mobile PAWS & PAWS Advanced Imaging is thrilled to be a member hospital which participates in this program.  We are most thankful for any generosity individuals are willing to provide to help a pet and their family in need during a desperate time.

Please click below to donate as a way to commemorate a lost loved one or just for kindness – you may indicate you would like your contribution to go to specifically into the funds for Mobile PAWS, or leave it undesignated where it will be distributed equally to all participating hospitals.  Thank you kindly!!image-donate