GI’s Mobile PAWS now offers scan on the go for pets


Dr. Melissa Mroziak of Mobile PAWS tends to a 9-year-old Maltese named Honey as she performs a CT scan on her mobile scanner

A new company launched by a local veterinarian is offering cutting-edge and safer-imaging technology to the region that, until now, was not readily available.

Mobile PAWS (Partner for Animal Wellness) is a mobile veterinary imaging company based on Grand Island, with a high-definition, robotically controlled CT unit that can be moved with relative ease to area veterinary practices.

Dr. Melissa Mroziak, owner of Mobile Paws, was recently at Gerber Small Animal Hospital in Niagara Falls, where her portable scanner helped her get a scan of Honey, a small, Maltese dog whose owner was worried about its breathing problems.

“X-rays can give you some insight to the nasal passages but not like the CT can,” said Mroziak. “You can start at the tip of the nose and go slice by slice and look at the changes that occurred there.”

The dog’s results were normal, but it gave Honey’s owner peace of mind, Mroziak noted. “This unit allows a much more in tune evaluation of the animal’s body and visualization of things we normally couldn’t see in a three-dimensional perspective.”

In situations where the veterinary clinic is unable to accommodate the unit due to the floor plan, patients may be referred to the Veterinary Emergency Clinic at 4821 Genesee St., Cheektowaga, where the machine is housed or at another selected suitable site where a scan may be completed.

The procedure, which can cost about $800 to $1,000, is typically covered by pet insurance, Mroziak said. The scanner utilizes 60 to 90 percent less radiation, making it safer for animals and operators.

Veterinarians familiar with the equipment are glad to have it available.

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Article originally seen in the Monday, May 4, 2015 edition of the Niagara Gazette. Photo by Dan Cappellazzo