Loki – urinary study

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“Loki” is a 3 year old, Male Neutered Siberian Husky who was rescued from a shelter with minimal history. His new family witnessed episodes of urinary incontinence both when he was sleeping as well as awake.  His examination and other routine testing (blood testing and urinary evaluation) were normal.  He did NOT tolerate Proin, a commonly used medication to control incontinence.

A CT study with intravenous contrast was performed on the urinary system to search for a structural reason to explain the incontinence.  Both ureters were easily traced from the kidneys to the bladder with a normal course.

4 CT Views are provided from Loki’s study:

2 sagittal images (“cutting” the body into left and right planes) and 2 axial images (“cutting” the body into front and back planes; in the axial we are looking toward the back end of the body!).  In all 4 images, red arrows point to the contrast in the ureters as they enter into the bladder.

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After determining there were no anatomical concerns, testosterone therapy was initiated. Loki’s family recently reported that he is responding extremely well to the treatments and is no longer distressed from having his accidents!


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Photos of Loki and case details are shared with the owner’s permission!