Teo – foreign body



Teo is a 3 year old, intact male German Shepherd Dog who has a job keeping us safe!

He was outside one day playing fetch with his owner/handler on a much needed break when he suddenly yelped and returned drooling.  Teo was taken for evaluation when he became lethargic.  He was thoroughly examined (including a look at the very back of his mouth/throat while sedated) and there was no evidence of any type of wound.  Bloodwork and X-rays were all normal.  Teo was sent home with some anti-inflammatory medications to help keep him comfortable.

A few weeks later, he developed a swelling along the side of his face and neck. He was rechecked by his veterinarian who took a sample of the swelling which revealed a large number of white blood cells.  The sample was also cultured and bacteria was found.  Teo was placed on appropriate antibiotics and the swelling seemed to resolve.  A couple weeks after the medications were finished, the swelling returned.  He was sent with a second round of antibiotics and the swelling again subsided.

The swelling returned a third time at which point a CT scan with contrast was performed to try and find a reason behind the recurring problem.  2 CT views are shown from the study, both of Teo’s neck.  The axial view is a “cut” traveling down the neck to see the structures, while the coronal image is as though you “cut” the neck into top and bottom portions.  The bright white structures in the center of both images are portions of the vertebrae.  The circular structure at the bottom of the axial view is the endo-tracheal tube used during the anesthesia.




In both views, the blue arrow is pointing to a very small white line (a foreign body!) which was the source of the recurring abscess site.  You may have to enlarge the image to see it!  Surgery was performed to remove the object and clean up the region from the recurring infection.  In the end, a small sliver less than 1/2″ in length was the problem.


After surgery, Teo was back to normal and back on the job quickly!


Photos of Teo are provided by his owner, and all details are shared with the

full permission of NYS Parks!