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PAWS Advanced Imaging works directly with veterinary clinics on an as needed basis to provide a local advanced imaging opportunity. Advanced imaging studies are not appropriate for every case, but they can be a wonderful supplemental diagnostic tool to access and visualize areas of the body which have otherwise been difficult to evaluate. Your pet’s veterinarian will guide you when such advanced studies are indicated. As a plus, pet insurances have evolved over time and, for the most part, are also likely to cover a portion procedural costs associated with these advanced studies.

The Vimago is a multifunction unit providing high definition 3D volumetric scanning (think of a 3D X-ray!) and fluoroscopy (think of an X-ray video) with radiation levels that are significantly lower than traditional CT units, making it safer for your pets!



The Vimago Scanner




***   High Definition 3D Volumetric Imaging ~

High Definition 3D Volumetric Imaging system comes from re-inventing and going beyond CT technology.

(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia):

Computed tomography (CT scanning) is a medical imaging modality where tomographic images or slices of specific areas of the body are obtained from a large series of two-dimensional X-ray images taken in different directions. These cross-sectional images can be combined into a three-dimensional image of the inside of the body and used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in various medical disciplines.



(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
Fluoroscopy is an imaging technique that uses X-rays to obtain real-time moving images of the internal structures of a patient through the use of a fluoroscope. In its simplest form, a fluoroscope consists of an X-ray source and fluorescent screen between which a patient is placed.